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If you are contemplating divorce, or are currently in the divorce process, concerns and worries are likely surfacing. The team at A.M. Financial helps individuals work through their financial worries and plan for challenges they may encounter down the road. With your guidance, and direction from your attorney (if applicable), we discuss options and collectively create a tangible financial plan.

Together, we help you move forward with confidence, providing a strong financial foundation for a healthier tomorrow!


The path through divorce looks different for everyone. Whether you have chosen to walk the road alone, seek the assistance of a mediator or retain legal representation, our expert financial divorce services can support your unique divorce experience. No matter which method of divorce you’ve chosen, we can support your financial needs in tandem with other professionals.

Helping clients build a new financial picture that they can understand, and virtually feel and touch, dramatically decreases their stress, anxiety and uncertainty during this time. Because our clients are better informed on their financial situation, they can explore creative settlement options based on their short and long term goals.

Our services can help you:

  • Identify cash flow problems 
  • Address income tax concerns
  • Understand if it is financially wise to keep the marital home
  • Identify mortgage interest deductions or loss carry forwards
  • Analyze and value retirement assets 
  • Understand the current marital value of a pension
  • Prepare future cash flow needs to avoid taxes and potential penalties 
  • Understand distributions from retirement accounts
  • Establish and integrate a comprehensive, workable budget into the agreement that sets up both parties for success
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